Can A $1 Million Dollar Reward Prevent Asian Carp Invasion?

Michigan’s Most Wanted

The Department of Natural Resources is after the Asian carp like never before. Going so far as to drop a 1 million dollar reward to anyone that is able to provide a solution to this invasive species. This challenge will begin in mid July and is going to be global so any person can participate.

What’s the Problem With Asian Carp

The Asian Carp is an invasive species in the Great Lake area of Michigan. It is believed they were brought to commercial fish ponds around the 1970s and have been stable since. These fish consume more than the available source of plankton, making it difficult for other species to thrive. The Asian Carp can get up to 50 pounds, further added to what it could potentially eat. Underwater troubles are not the only thing to worry about. These are large fish and they get scared easily. The massive 50 pound carp will jump from the water and hit boats as well as boaters which can cause some serious damage.

What’s At Stake?

These fish may spread into Lake Michigan which would heavily impact the lakes ecosystem. The only thing preventing them is electric fencing, however this is also a potential danger to the surrounding wildlife. This is a rather large problem for the lake with the state of Michigan investing heavily into initiatives aimed at stopping the Asian Carps spread. With a Seven billion dollar fishing industry The Great Lakes can’t afford such a drastic hit.

Now that’s where you come in: any successful plan to thwart the fish’s spread will be rewarded with one million dollars!

That’s a lot of zeros headed straight to your bank account!

Any person who thinks they’re up to the task can find the challenge’s official page here!

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