Fisherman Catches Record Brown Trout on Mepps Comet Mino

Calvin Johnston, 37, of Olathe, KS has always been, and will continue to be, a bass fisherman. But after an exceptional, first ever, trout-fishing trip, he’s found a new appreciation for other species.

On the evening of February 27th, the first day of his first attempt at trout fishing, he landed a 38 pound, 7 ounce brown trout from the White River near Cotter, AR. Johnston’s trophy was the largest ever recorded from the White River, and the third largest brown trout ever caught in the state.

This was the first time Calvin decided to join his younger brother, Nathan, a Bryant, AR police officer, and his friends, on their annual trout fishing trip.

“We arrived at the Rainbow Drive Resort, mid-afternoon. The weather was terrible, 17-degrees and snowing, and the river was high and running fast, but we decided to fish for a couple hours. We caught a couple fish in the 2-to-5-pound class, which was exactly what the guys who had been coming on this trip for years were expecting. In fact, they figured the 5-pounder would probably hold up as big fish for the weekend.”

Soon, the cold got the best of them, and everyone headed to the cabin for the evening. After warming up, Calvin decided he would head back out for the high-percentage, last hour of sunlight. He was on his own.

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