Fishing in Montana winters

SEELEY LAKE – During the summer people from all over travel to Montana to fish in our beautiful lakes, streams, and rivers.

But fishing in Montana is a year-round event.and in the winter time, the most dedicated fishermen and women get their fix by ice fishing.

Patrick Baber and his friends were fishing out on Seeley Lake on Sunday.

“You’re limited to a certain spot instead of going to a bunch of different points,” Baber said. “A Little more work involved but it’s getting outside.”

Baber and his friends agree that even though it’s challenging the trip is well worth it.

There are many different ways to fish on the ice. You carve a hole in the ice using a hand power or electric drill called an Auger.

The size of the hole and the tools you use are all dependent on what kind of fish you want to catch and where you are.

Baber and his group were spearfishing and carved a large hole in the ice and covered it with a tent.

Once they closed the shelter, it made it easier to see down to the bottom of the lake.

The group made sure the hole they had dug was visible to people walking on the ice by placing branches all around it when they left for the day.

If you and your family are planning on ice fishing this winter make sure the ice is more than 5 inches thick when choosing a location.

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