Fishing with a Mormon prophet — the adventures of Tom (Monson) and Jon (Huntsman)

Barely a year after ascending to the helm of the LDS Church, Thomas S. Monson found himself standing on a float boat, having snagged what he believed was the largest rainbow trout he had ever hooked. Maybe 10 pounds.

The whopper fish snapped Monson’s pole in half and nearly dragged the Mormon prophet into the Idaho lake, but the determined — and, some say, supercompetitive Monson — wouldn’t let go.

He took hold of the line and yanked as hard as he could, but he felt himself slipping with each tug.

So his fishing buddy, Jon Huntsman Sr., grabbed Monson’s belt loop in an attempt to steady his pal and retrieve the trout. It worked. The aquatic prize was photographed and later became the centerpiece of a scrumptious meal.

The two may have looked comical to onlookers, Huntsman joked Wednesday night as he remembered that lakeside rescue and his other outings with Monson, who died Tuesday at 90. But the willingness to help each other was no laughing matter.

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