Fishing Under Bridges in Florida

I’m fishing again with my redneck hillbilly buddies for a collaboration in Florida for big snook and jack fish hanging under and around the bridges in saltwater lagoons. Hurricane Matthew came through recently, following by the king tide with the full moon making the water very high.

The topwater fishing bite was on with the jacks and we brought other lures to throw around the bridges with the snook live.

Fishing for snook has been a long time challenge for me. Fishing for these big fish is a challenge and they behave a lot like largemouth bass in many ways. Snook like to hang around the bridges under the shade where they can sit out of the water current and wait for bait or lures to grab.

Snook will also hit bass fishing lures like jerk baits and swimbaits making it a bass fisherman’s dream fish.

These smart fish are known to get over 40 inches long! I’m still fishing for that big snook, but I’ll take schooling fish on topwater anytime.

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