This Guy Caught A Fish That Had Almost Been Cut In Two By Plastic Litter

This is Adam Turnball — he landed a very odd catch while fishing in Medicine Hat, Alberta, last weekend.

“When I first saw the fish coming in in the water, I thought it had been attacked by another fish.”

The northern pike was pinched in the middle, like someone had tried to split it in two. Turnball realized it had a piece of plastic wrapped around it.

He snipped the plastic off and it turned out to be a wrapper from a Powerade bottle.

“I’ve never seen anything like that; I was kind of in shock,” he said.
“I haven’t even heard stories of people catching fish like this. This fish had to have survived for years with the plastic wrapped around it like that.”

Before letting it go back in the water, Turnball took some photos that he shared on Facebook. They’ve now gone viral, with more than 12,000 shares.

While he’s surprised by the shares, he’s glad people are talking about the harm litter can do.

Turnball said he can “walk down the river bank at any stretch” and find garbage from fellow fishers.
“I just want people to realize that — hey, you brought this with you, bring it back out.”

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