Houston perseveres after Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was tough. Every day since the storm made its overdue departure, Texans are proving that they’re tougher.

Devastated but determined to rebuild, the people who have been affected most by Harvey’s wrath are showing a fighting spirit that has caught the attention of people all across the country.

Texans pulled together when times got the toughest during the storm, and they’re doing it again a week later as they move into recovery mode.

“I never doubted for a moment what was going to happen when this storm hit, and immediately after it hit,” said David Brady, CEO of the American Red Cross’ Texas Gulf Coast Region. “I know my fellow Texans too well. We are going to step up, we are going to rally around each other and we’re going to support each other across all differences, whether it’s socioeconomic, whether it’s race, whether it’s religion, Texans don’t care about that.

“Texans — we may annoy a lot of people — but we are Texans first in a lot of ways. We’re going to step up and help our fellow Texans in a time of need.”

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