Secret Summer Fishing Tips Totally Explained, 26+lbs of BASS

There are still secrets when it comes to fishing for big bass during the hot summer months. It starts with nuanced bait and lure presentations and adjusting them for how the fish set up in cover and on structure when water temps start to push to the boiling point. In the vid I caught over 26lbs of largemouth bass in Florida using some of these less known techniques and using them in a different way than what your average fisherman would. Baits that really stood out today were big swimbaits, hair jigs, Texas-Rigged soft plastics, a Neko Rig, and a Scrounger Jerky J rig. It was an EPIC day and it all came down to analyzing where the fish were at different points in the day, how they were located on structure like shell bars, as well as how the bass transitioned to suspending over heavy cover like brushpiles and offshore fish attractors.

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