Terrified fishermen scream as pod of killer whales rams into the side of their small boat

A group of fishermen were filmed screaming in fear as a pod of killer whales rammed into the side of their small boat in the sea.

In the footage, recorded by the men onboard the vessel, the huge mammals can be seen swimming to the surface of the water.

They at that point head towards the watercraft as it skims in the Pacific Ocean.

The pod rises and falls in the water as the men, who are communicating in Russian, begin giggling and clowning about whether they should endeavor to get one of the orcas in the net.

Yet, as the executioner whales get significantly nearer, with their enormous blades breaking the surface, the men all of a sudden turn out to be calm.

One of the creatures begins pushing the pontoon with its nose, stunning the anglers, who start to yell.

For a couple of minutes it appears as though one of alternate orcas has joined in as well.

Luckily, the episode was over in seconds and subsequent to going underneath the watercraft, the unit of whales swam away.

After the recording was posted on the web, one watcher proposed the executioner whales were basically playing with the anglers

One man stated: “Great angling day, magnificent catch, executioner whales, nature, dynamic diversion with family and companions.”

There are few recorded instances of executioner whales undermining people, however hostage orcas have been known to murder.

The most notorious was Tilikum the executioner whale who was associated with the passing of three individuals.

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