VIDEO: Grizzly bear goes on a fishing trip; Twitterati can’t stop grinning

Grizzly bears like to have their fish fresh. In this viral video, posted on a micro blogging site, we can see one such stunning wonder of mother nature.


Grizzly bears are the large subspecies of brown bear found in North America. They are also known as North American brown bear and you can find them catching fish in the North American region. But, have you ever wondered how they go out fishing? Check out this amazing clip that captures a bear grabbing its meal like a pro.

Did you know they generally prefer to eat the skin, brain, and eggs — the fattiest parts of a salmon — when they have it in abundance. However, when salmons are not in abundance or are hard to catch, they eat the entire fish. On an average, a brown bear consumes up to 40 salmons in a day which is roughly almost 90-100 pounds.

Twitterati enjoyed the wondrous video and exchanged some funny tweets after catching a glimpse of the bear. “I tried this once. Hit my head on a rock and nearly drowned,” said a viewer. “That’s one way to get a bath”, said another.

Watch the video here. 

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