They Wanted a Normal Day of Golf… What Showed Up Will Blow Your Mind!

I Wonder If Chubbs Lost a Fish Too…

The family of Norma Respess were on vacation from North Carolina and decided to go by the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club. At the tenth hole Nolan Respess began hollaring about a gator he saw. Terrrified, his wife Phyllis threw her club away while Nolan whipped out his camera, what he caught was absolutely incredible.

What a sight. Holding onto that fish. Amazing!”

Gators are known to eat prey smaller than themselves, but how far are they willing to go just to eat? Apparently, across a golf course!

This Gator is Showboating!

Nobody expected to see this gator taking a walk in the midday sun, especially not on a golf course. Even better, he scored the biggest catch of the day!

The gator is holding the fish from the middle of it’s body. His catch is so big that it’s dragging on the ground from both ends! I’ve never seen an alligator show so much pride in it’s catch before! The alligator strides across the golf course and into a water trap, without a care in the world. Time to enjoy it’s prize.

Careful golfers, the clubs are goin’ next.

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